#94 Pizza Delicious and #44 Pizza Domenica

September 10th, 2016

New Orleans, LA

We were up at 3 am for this pizza! We flew down from LaGuardia on an early morning flight, and landed in New Orleans around 11 am, just in time to get over to Pizza Delicious. I didn’t let Eric eat too much for breakfast, so we were both hungry for some slices.

The slices were just like traditional NY slices, and it felt strange to be eating them down in NOLA. We tried a variety of their slices because we couldn’t make up our minds, including a plain cheese, one with spinach and roasted peppers, the sausage, and the vodka slice that had sun-dried tomatoes. We contemplated getting a whole pie, but then we realized that we’d be spending the whole day eating, so we probably wanted to save some room.

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Satisfied with our lunch, we walked around the neighborhood a bit. It was REALLY HOT out, but we managed to walk up to some old cemeteries to explore before heading downtown. It was so hot that Eric actually talked me into taking an Uber to our next stop instead of walking. Our next stop was District Donuts (not pizza!). Then, we wandered around a few more cemeteries before heading to our second pizza stop of the day, Pizza Domenica.


As we were walking back from the second set of cemeteries, it started to thunder, and then downpour. We ran into Pizza Domenica and ordered some wine (for me) and beer (for Eric). It was still pretty early, since we had been counting on walking around and budgeted a lot more time to get from place to place, so we decided to just have a few drinks before eating more pizza.


Well, the storm started to pick up and the power flickered. I had the idea that maybe we should order a pizza, just in case the power went out. We ordered the heirloom tomato pie, which also had mascarpone cheese and chili oil. Our plan was to order a second one, but a few minutes after we got our pie, the power went out.

We finished our pizza in the (mostly) dark, and hung around for a little while to see if the power would come back on. The bartenders were kind enough to give us some free wine and beer to hold us over. The pizza itself was very good – the crust was a bit fluffier than a Neapolitan and the toppings were so fresh. The wood fire gave it a nice flavor.

Eventually, we decided to leave and head back over to the French Quarter, so that the employees could have the night off. We were a little bummed that we didn’t get to try one of the other pizzas, but we were so glad that we ordered the one to start!

Our trip to New Orleans ended with some more wine-and-beer-and-slushie drinking, more eating by Eric, a late-night movie, and a not-so-good couple of hours of sleep on an uncomfortable airport bench before our early morning flight. Overall, the trip was a success. We love New Orleans, even if we spent more time in airports and airplanes than actually in this city on this trip!

To visit:

Pizza Delicious
617 Piety Street
New Orleans, LA 70117

Pizza Domenica
4933 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115



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