#34 Pizzeria Delfina and #62 Pizzaiolo

September 19th, 2016

San Francisco and Oakland, CA

This is Part III of our San Francisco trip. To see Part II and Part I, click on the links.

After a short walk through Muir Woods, we headed over to the first pizza of our final day in San Francisco, which was back in the Mission district. Pizzeria Delfina is a neighborhood restaurant that is “inspired by” Neapolitan and NYC pizza. We got there right when lunch was starting, and grabbed a great table right near the window.



We ended up ordering two pies. The first was the 4 Formaggi (in the back of the photo to the left) and the second was the Panna, with shaved parmesan. We liked both, mostly because the cheese was so fresh.

We loved the feel of this place, and we probably would be regulars if we lived here. It has a really cute farm-to-table feel, and the rotating specials all looked delicious.


img_20160919_115156551_hdr              img_20160919_114958147

After heading back to Dan’s for a Netflix break, we all went out for the final pizza in San Francisco. We made last minute reservations, but it turned out that we didn’t really need them. Pizzaiolo is located in Oakland, so wasn’t too far away from where we were staying.

img_20160919_174903619       img_20160919_174851567

Since we were the first ones in (no surprise there!), our pizzas were some of the first to arrive. We were glad there were three of us, because all of the pizzas sounded great.


Barb was a little tired of cheese at this point (yes, it really is possible to be tired of cheese), so she went with the marinara pizza.   We also tried the clam, which seems to be seasonal, because we are from New Haven, after all. We also tried the sausage and rapini, which was recommended by our waitress, as well as by the Daily Meal.



Like Pizzeria Delfina, the atmosphere here was really cute and farm-to-table. I guess this is the trend these days. It also had a nice outdoor seating area, which made it much less crowded than we thought it would be.

We thought the pies here were good, but a little pricey. For anyone familiar with Pepe’s clam pie, we wouldn’t recommend giving this one a try. But the topping combos were good and the crust was nice and fluffy. We give them bonus points for buying local with their toppings and meats.

img_20160919_175113718      img_20160919_174809193

To visit:

Pizzeria Delfina
3621 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

5008 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

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