#61 BAR

December 6th, 2015

New Haven, CT

BAR was the first pizza that I ever had in New Haven, and it continued to be a staple for my five years there. I celebrated my birthday at BAR for three years straight, and I credit their house-brewed Damn Good Stout for my love of stouts today. BAR is a bit larger than the other famous pizza places in New Haven, which makes it perfect for a larger group. It also has a nice bar for when it gets crowded, and pool tables and a party room for later in the evening.


The Daily Meal also refers to the restaurant as “Bru Room” at BAR, but in our many years there, we never heard it called this, so I’m just sticking with calling it BAR.

While we rarely ever got the famous potato pie, we decided to get it this trip, just because the Daily Meal suggested it on their list as the pizza to try. We also got our usual combination of veggies on a second pie.

We also got to see our friends Claire and Jeff, who drove down to Boston to reunite in New Haven for lunch. Of course, Eric and Jeff decided to dress as twins. This was completely unintentional and also very funny.

We love BAR pizza for so many reasons, and we had no problem finishing off two large pies between the four of us. Although this was ranked in the bottom half of the Daily Meal’s list at #61 (and #60 on the 2016 list), it ranks higher up on ours for sure. If you aren’t familiar with New Haven style pizza, they are oblong, thin-crusted, and cut in rectangular or oddly-shaped slices. They are usually served on baking sheets.

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So if you find yourself around New Haven, you should definitely check out BAR, in addition to the classics of Pepe’s and Sally’s (and OK, Modern).  It is similar to these other places in that it serves mainly pizza and salad (and beer), but their pizza selection is much larger than you would find at these other traditional New Haven pizzerias.


Check back next week because we are finishing our 2015 list *officially* this weekend, and will be posting our own rankings!

To visit:

254 Crown Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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