#51 Colony Grill

December 6, 2015

Stamford, CT

Eric and I drove through Stamford for five years, but we never thought to stop there for pizza. This was mainly because New Haven would only be another half hour or so up I-95, and that pizza was always worth waiting for. We were a little surprised to find that Stamford does have one pizza place on the list, though – Colony Grill.

In our last post on Margot’s, we mentioned that the bar pizza there reminded us of the pizza here at Colony Grill. Colony Grill is entirely unique from New Haven pizzas, probably because it started out as an Irish tavern in 1925. Now, it only serves pizza, and is known primarily for its hot oil bar pie and super thin, crispy crust.

img_20151206_174213135       img_20151206_174217831

So of course we had to get the hot oil pie, with sausage. That’s a hot pepper on top, which Eric did NOT eat. I should also mention that we stopped in Stamford on our way back from New Haven (and BAR, which I posted on a few days ago). Luckily, they also had a salad pie on the menu. Eric wasn’t a huge fan of the salad pie, but he seems to be a bit wary of any pizza without cheese (unless its a tomato pie from Pepe’s). I thought that the salad pizza was dressed perfectly, and I felt a bit more healthy eating some veggies on my second pizza of the day.




This was the first day (of many to come) where we hit two pizza places in one day. We were definitely full after these two stops. I think our stomachs expanded as we continued eating all this pizza, though, because we didn’t seem to have any issues doing two-a-days in the later months of our journey.

While we didn’t LOVE the pizza here, it is good to know that there is decent pizza in Stamford for all of those times we are stuck in traffic getting through Connecticut on the horrible I-95. And don’t even get us started on Connecticut drivers…


To visit:

Colony Grill
172 Myrtle Ave
Stamford, CT 06902


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