#18 Co.

December 18, 2015

New York, NY

We started to tell our friends about our pizza travels, and naturally we got many volunteers who wanted to join us eating pizza around the country! We never minded the company, because it always meant that we could order more pies to try!

A perfect example of this is when we went to Co., which is in Chelsea in Manhattan. We met up after work one night with our friends Jen and Paul, who both live in Midtown.  Co. is relatively new to the pizza scene in NYC, having opened in 2009. We loved the large, communal and rustic tables (family style seating) and the wine list.

img_20151218_185911602    img_20151218_185932363

You can see here that we ordered a great selection of pizzas to try. The left photo has the Charred Broccoli pie and the Boscalola (sausage and mushroom), and the right has the the famous Popeye pizza, and a plain Rosa to round it out.  I’m not sure which was the favorite of the night. The Popeye was definitely a good choice, with spinach, pecorino, gruyère, mozzarella, and a heavy hand of garlic, but the Charred Broccoli (which was a special pie) was also very tasty.



We didn’t know that the owner of Co. is also the original owner of Sullivan St. Bakery, but it makes sense given that the crust on these pizzas was so good. We’ve never tried the pizza there, but this pizza is entirely different from the square slices served at Sullivan St.


We’d come back here for pizza, or just appetizers and drinks. It’s up there with the best (non-slice-joint) pizza in Manhattan, and we would really like to try some of the other seasonal pies.  It also  looks like they have an awesome brunch.



To visit:

230 9th Ave
New York, NY 10001

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