#49 Harry’s Pizzeria

January 16th, 2016

Miami, FL

We made it down to West Palm Beach without any major issues. In between seeing alligators, going to see a cool LEGO exhibit at the nature reserve, and visiting a brewery, we managed to trek down to Miami, just for this pizza at Harry’s. This probably wouldn’t have been Jordon and Renee’s first choice of restaurants, but we are glad that they humored us and drove us all the way to Miami so we didn’t have to drive any more.


Since there were four of us, we tried a variety of pies. We tried the Short Rib, which had caramelized onions, arugula, and gruyère. It scored major points for flavor. We also tried the pesto pie with homemade ricotta and fresh tomato. The crust on the pesto was a little heavier than the short rib, but maybe because it had to carry more toppings? We probably wouldn’t have ranked Harry’s quite so high, if not for the fantastic flavor on the short rib. Who would have thought that we’d like short ribs on our pizza? We have to credit the Daily Meal for suggesting that we try this one.

Harry’s location is a little off the path in Miami, in the Design District, and we didn’t really want to walk around the neighborhood at all. Harry’s has also opened one other location near Miami, and has two more in the works (Cleveland!). If you check out their instagram  you’ll see that they have new specials almost every night. They make us want to drive back down to Florida!

We were glad to grab a table outside to get as much nice Florida weather as we could. We had to take advantage of wearing short sleeves in January!

Our long weekend down to Florida ended too soon. We left late Sunday night after dinner and drove non-stop back to NJ. To stay awake, we counted Cracker Barrels off the highway, stopped in Denny’s for 2 am milkshakes, took turns driving and powernapping, and may have had a red bull or two (something neither of us had tasted since college!). It was a long drive, but we did it. We think it was worth it.

To visit:

Harry’s Pizzeria
3918 N. Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

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