#81 J&V Pizzeria

March 8th, 2017

Brooklyn, NY

We tried to go out to J&V Pizzeria last week, but we ended up getting stuck on the N for a while, and ended up just getting off earlier and heading to Franny’s instead. We were hungry. This week, we tried again, taking a different combination of subways and walking to get down to Bensonhurst (south Brooklyn). It took us about an hour from our office, with Eric only taking us on a few minor detours. I did suggest that we walk there and avoid the subways altogether – but Eric wasn’t in the mood for a 3 hour walk.









J&V is a new addition to the 2016 list, and it is always exciting to venture to a new area of the city that we haven’t been to before. Of course, we had to get the biggest variety of slices that we could, so we went with two veggie slices, one cheese, one Sicilian, and one chicken slice.

I thought that the cheese slice was the best, mainly because the sauce was so fresh and tomato-y. Eric would probably agree with me, but I didn’t let him have a bite. So he said that his favorite was the chicken. The other slices were also decent, but nothing we’d trek out to Brooklyn for. But that cheese slice, well, I’m still thinking about it.

Eric was also fascinated by the rotating metal pizza oven they had. After some searching around, I’ve determined that it’s one of these. Eric, should we add one to our kitchen?


On the way home, we got interviewed for the local news! Not about pizza, about traffic and speeding in Brooklyn. Eric made me do all the talking. It only aired in Brooklyn, though, sorry everyone!

To visit:

J & V Pizzeria
6322 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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