#53 Gino’s of Long Beach

May 7th, 2016

Long Beach, NY

One rainy day last May, we took another drive for pizza. This time, we went out to Long Beach, which is just south of Long Island, for a stop at Gino’s of Long Beach. We had been putting this one off because even though it was rated decently high on the list, it is not easy to get to Long Beach from NYC, and it is almost a 2 hour drive from home in New Jersey.

While we usually don’t mind driving for pizza, we do try to make a day out of our longer drives. We didn’t really find anything else to do besides eat pizza down in Long Beach, since actually going to the beach was out of the question in the rain. So we drove there, ate some pizza, and drove home. We apparently had nothing better to do on our Saturday.

We got there for a late lunch, and decided to just order a variety of slices. We tried a mozzarella and tomato slice, a buffalo chicken slice, a regular Grandma slice and an eggplant Sicilian slice. As usual, we were split on our favorites here between the Grandma and the eggplant.

Some people are really against eggplant on pizza, but we love it. We definitely prefer when the eggplant isn’t breaded and fried on pizza, though, which is traditionally done at places like Modern. We prefer it sliced thin and fresh, like it was on this Sicilian slice. ┬áThe cheese on these slices was a little bland, but the crust was nice and crispy and the sauce was fresh, so we’d say the slices were solid.

Gino’s was ranked as high as #32 in 2014, but has dropped a bit to #53 in 2015, and is #82 now in 2016. We don’t doubt that these are likely the best slices in Long Beach (although we’ve also heard good things about West End Pizza), and we all know that pizza tastes the best after a few hours sitting by the ocean. We don’t think that they are as good as some of the slices we’ve had in the boroughs of New York, though.

To visit:

Gino’s of Long Beach
16 W Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561

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