About Barbara & Eric

Unfortunately, eating pizza is not our full time job. Barbara has a Ph.D. in molecular and developmental biology, and Eric works as a mechanical engineer. However, outside of work, most of our time is spent (unsurprisingly) eating pizza and traveling to eat pizza.

Here, we will answer some of the questions that we get asked often.

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You guys eat so much pizza. How do you not gain 50 pounds?

Barbara runs a lot. Eric has a super fast metabolism.

What do you like to eat besides pizza?

We generally are healthy eaters, but we also eat our fair share of ice cream.

When are you planning to complete your quest?

We have finished the 2015 list as of November, 2016! We are working our way through the new places on the 2016 list, and also adding in a few of our own.

Do you have a favorite pizza place? 

Yes, and you can check out our final list HERE! We also have a few favorite pizza places that are not on the Daily Meal’s list, which we will post about as well. And we’d like to hear your favorites too!

Do you order the same pizza every time?

No. If the restaurant is known for a particular pizza or style, we will try to get that. Otherwise, we tend to order traditional plain or veggie pies, whatever sounds good in the moment!

Do you ever get sick of pizza?


Thanks for checking out our blog! We appreciate comments and questions, and would love your recommendations on where we should go next!