#10 Joe’s Pizza

  November 4th, 2015

Manhattan, NYC

After our lunch at John’s of Bleecker, we walked right down the street to Joe’s for slices. We obviously were really hungry. It was pretty crowded for the lunch rush, so we took our slices outside to eat. The standing room inside was a little tight.


We ended up getting a slice with fresh mozzarella, but also a classic cheese slice. We both liked the fresh mozzarella slice better, I think, although if you are looking for the classic NYC slice, we recommend the cheese.

Joe’s comes up regularly in lists of the “Best NY Slice”, and we do agree that it is worth listing because it is such a fixture in the NYC pizza scene. However, we have had better slices in the city, and so we can’t say that its our favorite.




It is safe to say that after this stop, we were definitely full. We were thankful that we got the medium pie at John’s, instead of the large!

img_20151104_122013630           img_20151104_122125793

Our favorite location is the one on Carmine Street, although Joe’s has several locations around the city, including one on 14th Street in Manhattan and also in Williamsburg.

To visit:

7 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014