#21 Paulie Gee’s

December 4th, 2015

Brooklyn, NY

We see Paulie Gee’s on the list of best pizzas in NYC all the time, so it was near the top of our list to go to. It is tucked away in Greenpoint, although they also have locations all over the country now. I think Paulie Gee has opened at least two new restaurants (Chicago, Miami) since we started this quest. Apparently, he is also going to be opening a slice joint, which will be serving only traditional NY slices. We will have to add that to our list too!

img_20151204_204940947             img_20151204_204932763

The restaurant was packed when we showed up with my sister and her boyfriend.  Be prepared for a wait if you come on a Friday evening!

The restaurant itself,  being tucked away in a corner of Brooklyn, is really cozy. You have to walk through a set of big wooden farm doors to enter the restaurant, and then you are seated at wooden farmhouse tables. It’s all very rustic Brooklyn and trendy.

We were able to get four pizzas between the four of us, including this white pizza with garlic and spinach, and the “Arugula Schmoogula”. We also got to try some of meat pizzas, and we’d recommend any of the pies with pepperoni. They probably have one of the best selections of pizzas and flavor combinations that we’ve seen (including vegan pies).

We’d like to go back to Paulie Gee’s, now that we’ve finished the list. We think there are many more good pizzas to try here, and we’d really like to compare them more to some of the others that we’ve been to since last year.

To visit:

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222