#78 Amore Pizza

May 13th, 2016

Queens, NY

We all know that every good strip mall has a good pizza joint in it. Good, but not 101 Best Pizza Places-good (usually). Our favorite growing up was Nick’s Pizza and we’d always stop there for a quick slice on a lunch break at work or for a quick Friday night dinner date. Until we went to Amore Pizza in Queens, we didn’t know that there were any “strip mall pizzerias” on the list.

We went to Amore Pizza on a Friday evening. I was coming back from a conference out in Cold Spring Harbor, and Eric took the subway all the way out to Queens to meet me. I ended up getting there early (or actually, I think Eric’s subway was delayed) and I had serious doubts that I was in the right place. The pizzeria is located in a strip mall next to a Stop & Shop, near a McDonalds, a Carvel, and a couple of Chinese restaurants.

Once we walked in, though, we knew we had it right. These slices just looked too good. We both ended up ordered a couple of plain slices. These had a thinner crust than other NY slices, and were loaded with piping hot cheese and sauce. Oozing would be a good word.

These were good slices, especially if you are a fan of a cheesy, oily, drippy slice. There are no frills here, and we didn’t even think about getting anything but the cheese slice. We’d certainly come back if we were driving through and needed a bite to eat because it is right off the exit from the highway.

Would we sit on the subway for 1.5 hours to get out to Flushing from Manhattan for these, though? Probably not. I’m pretty sure that Eric was glad that I had my car and we could avoid a subway ride back into Manhattan. I did make him drive us home because the traffic was pretty bad by the time we were ready to leave, and Eric is a much more patient traffic-driver than I am.  But at least our stomachs were happy.

To visit:

Amore Pizza
3027 Stratton Street
Flushing, NY 11354



#87 New Park Pizza

March 30th, 2016

Howard Beach, Queens, NY

By now, you probably know what a good NY slice of pizza looks like. This week, we are going to show you a couple more. New Park Pizza is over in Queens, right near JFK. We note this because it would make the BEST stop going to or from the airport. We chose to take the subway out from Manhattan, which took about an hour.

We just ordered a couple of slices here, nothing too special or fancy. A couple of cheese slices, and a Sicilian slice. For all the time we spent on the subway to get here, the slices were gone in about 10 minutes and we were back on the subway going back to NJ. These are definitely not the best NY slices that we’ve had, but they are solid. We’ve also read that you should order the slices “well done”, which we didn’t try, but have noted for next time.

The crust here is also salty, but not overwhelmingly so. We read that this is because they throw salt into the oven as the pies bake. We’ve only had salted Neapolitan crusts, so this was a little different.

So I guess our take-home message here is, don’t go out of your way for these slices because you’ll find slices that taste the same, if not better, in Manhattan (although, you may pay a bit more for them). However, if you are anything like me and find yourself tired and hangry after any flight into JFK, you may want to consider stopping here on your way home. (Eric is making a mental note of this right now.)

To visit:

New Park Pizza
156-71 Cross Bay Blvd
Howard Beach, NY 11414

#41 Nick’s Pizza

March 19th, 2017

Forest Hills, NY

We had a free weekend, so of course, we spent Sunday afternoon driving to get pizza up in Queens. It’s really great how an hour drive now doesn’t even feel so long. We decided to go to Nick’s Pizza in Forest Hills. Nick’s is known for its thin-crust pies, and for its calzones, which Adam Kuban highly recommended.

We went with a normal cheese pie, a large, and because we can’t leave anything just plain, we added spinach to half. The toppings are pricey, but we were glad to see that the spinach was fresh. We really dislike frozen spinach on pizzas (we should add that to our list of “pizza pet peeves”). We also got a small calzone to go with the pizza since Adam Kuban had told us to “just order both”. We thought that we’d just take home any leftovers, but of course, we didn’t end up with any leftovers to bring home.

The pizza was good, and the crust was nice and light. We really like when pizza doesn’t make us feel heavy because that means we can eat more of it. We were pleasantly surprised that they were able to get such a good char using a gas oven.

The calzone was definitely worth trying, so we thank all of the reviews for suggesting that we order one. It is almost like a grilled cheese pita, and it was stuffed to the brim with ricotta and fresh mozzarella. The sauce was SO GOOD that we ended up dipping the calzone AND the pizza in it. We couldn’t get enough of it. Eric even said “we should always ask for a side of sauce to go with our pizza”. Not a bad idea…


We also really liked the splattering of fresh basil on top of the pizza. It reminded us of Di Fara, which reminded us once again that we need to go back there ASAP.

ALSO: Eric didn’t get us lost this time! We are finally figuring out how to drive around Queens. (It didn’t hurt that Nick’s is pretty much right off of the highway, though).

To visit:

Nick’s Pizza
108-26 Ascan Ave
Queens, NY 11375