#97 Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie

November 22, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

Last November, we headed down to Philadelphia to cheer on some friends who were running the marathon. We took up our normal cheering spot at mile 11, and after a few hours of cheering in the cold, we were certainly ready for some hot pizza.

We drove down the road a bit to Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie, and got there about an hour after it opened. We actually weren’t sure if it was open when we got there because it was in such a quiet area of town, and we were the only ones there.

Since we are both originally from PA, we love a good tomato pie, and we’ve had a bunch of different styles. This tomato pie was a bit untraditional because it was on a very thin crust, so Philadelphia tomato pie purists may not want to go out of their way for this one.


Even though the crust was thinner than we were used to for a Philly tomato pie, it managed to stand up to the sauce. The cheese is underneath the sauce, so it isn’t quite like a New Haven tomato pie either, and there was no grated cheese on top. Apparently, this is called a “Trenton-style” tomato pie (but with more sauce). The sauce was good, but it could have used a little more kick to it to really make it shine. We’ve had better tomato pies in Philly, but this one certainly wasn’t bad.

It could have been the fact that we were cold and hungry, but we ate this pie so quickly. The location of the restaurant is a little out of the way for visitors who are staying downtown, but we’d go out of our way to stop here again, especially to warm up after marathon-cheering!

img_20151122_112632955      img_20151122_112636027

Eric makes the best faces while eating pizza, doesn’t he?

To visit:

Tony’s Famous Tomato Pie
6300 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135

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