#41 Rubirosa

December 9, 2015

New York, NY

Another old, classic, NYC establishment is Rubirosa, which is located right near our SoHo offices. Techically, it is located in Nolita, but we can’t keep track of which neighborhood is which, even after being there for a few years now. We took advantage of a not-too-cold December day last year to walk over for another pizza lunch date.


It looks a little unimpressive from the outside, and we almost walked right by it. Inside, however, there was a great bar and old reclaimed wood tables. We had our choice of table, since we came for lunch. We should really keep track of how many times we show up to a pizza place and are the first ones there.

The pizzas are not exactly like the other traditional NY style pies you will find around, especially the slices. The crust here is thinner, and it generally tastes a little bit lighter. The family recipe made here originated in Staten Island in 1960, so in some ways it could be considered a NY classic.



The most famous pie here is probably the vodka sauce pie, which is what we decided to split. We also split a small pie here, because the large pies were pretty pricey.

Rubirosa also has a decent food menu, unlike many of the other classic NY pizza places. The Italian food here gets rave reviews in general, as does the wine list. Unfortunately, we had to get back to work and couldn’t enjoy the wine list this time.


Having eaten this pizza, we’d like to go to the original Joe & Pat’s in Staten Island, where the recipe originated. For now, though, its nice to have this place just a short walk away, especially with the colder weather.

It’s also pretty amazing that Eric managed to keep that nice work shirt clean…

To visit:

235 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012

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